Meet Miss Outdoor Girl

Miss Outdoor Girl, Theresa Vail,  is a senior at Kansas State University. Majoring in chemistry and Chinese, she hopes for a career with the FBI before settling down as a dentist for the Army. Theresa has served in the Kansas Army National Guard for five years. With them, she holds awards as Distinguished Honor Graduate at the Army’s School of Ordnance as a mechanic, Distinguished Honor Graduate at the Army’s School of Health Sciences as a dental technician, and expert marksman with the M16 A2 rifle.

Theresa doing what she loves most!

Theresa doing what she loves most

Theresa is the current titleholder of Miss Leavenworth County. Miss Kansas will be held in June 2013 in Pratt, Kansas. Her platform is Empowering Young Women Through Male-Dominant Outdoor Activities. As a teen, Theresa found her strength and confidence when she
started hunting and competitively shooting, such is the reason she chose her platform. She believes young women will find independence and self-esteem through participation in activities that generally only boys are involved in, such as hunting, camping, shooting, etc. TheresaDeer stands are the BEST!
quotes, “When girls learn they have what it takes to “hang with the guys,” they feel a sense of internal strength, like they can conquer the world and take care of themselves. It is an immense confidence-booster and a great way for young girls to find themselves. This takes them out
of the partying/drinking scene, and into the most natural of environments. I truly believe my platform will build responsible and respectable young women.

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