Memorial Day and My Journey to Miss Kansas
Posted on: May 25, 2013, by : Theresa Marie Vail

What is Memorial Day? I know many of you believe it’s that weekend you get to spend at the lake drinking beer. Or the weekend you get to hang out with friends and family, partying it up. But those are merely the activities you partake in to celebrate what this Holiday is all about. Memorial Day is a day to remember our fallen soldiers; those that fought and died for our freedom and rights. We do not celebrate their death, but we rejoice in the legacy they left behind. While you’re out there on the lake, or celebrating at the bars, remember that you’re able to do those things because selfless men and women fought for you and your families.

I have served my state and my Country for 6 years. I may not be on the front lines of war but I wear my uniform with unmistakable pride. I yearn for the day that I get to deploy and serve my Country to the fullest potential. I may not like where the government is headed, I may not agree with the presidency. But I don’t serve either of those. I serve YOU and the United States of America. Have a safe and blessed Memorial Day. Thank a soldier for their service!


After 14 weeks

And now to tell you about my journey throughout the past 5 months. In such a short amount of time I have changed dramatically. Not just physically, but in my way of thinking. If there is one thing that competing has taught me, it’s that you need to be unapologetically yourself and not let others dictate how you feel. I will be the first to admit that I cared about what others thought of me. I let their words get to me and it brought me down. I started second-guessing myself, asking myself if this is really what I wanted to do. I hit a low point…and then I grew up.

After tirelessly worrying about what other girls were thinking about me, I realized that I am the best version of me possible. I am a compassionate person, a selfless person and an all-around kind-hearted girl. There will always be people who don’t like you because they don’t know you, and people who don’t know you because they don’t like you. And there is nothing you can do about it except put your big girl panties on and keep moving. I AM unapologetically ME.


The biggest improvement is in my legs. I finally have shape and definition to them!

So as for the physical improvement, I have managed to gain 10 pounds of muscle in 5 months. WOW! I have always been naturally slender so to see muscle on my body was a huge achievement for me. Now, many will tell you that physical fitness is not important to winning a pageant. While this may hold some truth, I am not going to undermine the value of a fit body. How can you be a role-model if you don’t live a healthy lifestyle? If you’re binge-eating because you can or getting drunk on weekends?

In 2 weeks, win or lose, I will know that I put every ounce of discipline I had into it. Just from that, I will walk away knowing I am a winner. I still have a long way to go in terms of fitness and building muscle, but I am surely on the right path.

If you guys have any questions or comments, please don’t be afraid to ask! I will update you all in 2 weeks after the results of Miss Kansas! Have a beer for me!

-Your Miss Outdoor Girl

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